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AKAIO firmware 1.8.8 has been released for Acekard Users

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A new version of AKAIO Firmware has just been released. Please read below for fixes made in this new firmware.- Updated to devkitARM r34 and libnds 1.5.2
– Added two small icon view modes: Filename and Internal Name
– Touchscreen scrolling has been inverted by default
– Mimics touchscreen phone/tablet scrolling
– Can be toggled in Advanced Settings screen
– FAS1 Modifications to allow modifying specific SRAM Banks and dumping the entire 256KB SRAM
– Options in the FAS1 Menu
– Added support for 24bit and 32bit bitmaps for skins
– Note these get down sampled to 16bit so no increase in available colors

Download – Here

Xbox 360 Slim Mod Price Reduced!

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I am very happy to annouce that the 360 slim mod has now dropped to $50! There is a new solution to unlock the 360 Slim’s SPI available that does not require the replacement hardware. Look forward to hearing from you soon !)
New 360 Firmware Release: iXtreme LT + 1.91 firmwarehas been released for the fat & Slim Model Xbox 360’s