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Xbox 360 iXtreme LT + 3.0 is on its way! DAE/Ap2.5 Defeated!

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We just had a development meeting with C4E and he dropped a bombshell. Thanks to the recent silent DAE update he has been able to discover how to hit DAE/AP25 with the “Silver Bullet” and has developed iXtreme LT 3.0 which defeats DAE/AP2.5 reliance COMPLETELY. Although it’s early stages, c4eva has successfully completed several tests which

Xbox 360 13599 Dashboard has been released

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Today saw a new dashboard update roll out to all Xbox 360 Consoles. Here is a run down of the changes and what you should take note of.

1. We recommend that you DO NOT update on 9504/0272 drives – they lock the spi on the chip.

2. The new dash 13599 updates ap2.5 challenges (this was totally expected). Update if you want live. Stay offline and don’t update if you cant wait for new ap2.5 patches

3. The update is NOT just simply to set up some background technology for further improvements later this year. this is being investigated as we speak. Lot’s discovered already !

4. Use your original AP2.5 games! ABGX will be updated eventually! (there are still the original 6 AP2.5 games – no new ones reported)

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Disconnect from Xbox live…or you may lose the ability to play AP2.5 game titles.

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It has now been confirmed that dea.bin is now being auto updated once you connect to Xbox Live and it looks to be console specific What this means is that each console will have to pass specific AP2.5 challenges We strongly recommend not connecting to Xbox Live so you can continue to play your Ap2.5 backups. Note that all XGD3 tiles use AP2.5FAT Xbox 360 Consoles with Hitachi and Samsung drives will not be affected as they are unable to do AP.2.5 Checks.

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First and foremost, a warning — at this current time it is advised that you stay offline and avoid playing any AP2.5/XGD3 backups. It has been confirmed by the team that the dae.bin is now being silently updated on all LIVE-connected boxes.

Xbox 360 News: New Liteon Burners in Stock, 0800 Ripping Drives available, KREON Price Drop!!

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New Liteon Dvd Burners:

New XGD3 formatted games were originally being truncated in size to allow them to fit on Dual Layer Discs. This method of burning was working fine for a few games, but with the release of the new Forza 4 it is apparant that new security checks have been implemented and added to the security layer. We now carry new Liteon IHAS Burners and are selling for $50 each.
All of our burners are the 124 Models and have been crossflashed over to 524 series, this way your burner will have all the awesome features like lable tag !) Our burners also come flashed with Burner Max Firmware that will allow you to burn the full game. These dives hook up internally through a SATA connection. If you do not like the idea of hooking up your drive internally or own a laptop, we also carry in our shop USB Connectivity Kits for $20 : )

0800 Ripping Drives:

A 0800 Drive is actually an Xbox 360 DVD Rom Drive that has been flashed with Firmware that will allow it to work with your PC to Backup your 360 Games !) These drives once flashed will rip the full ISO, they also fully support XGD2 & XGD3 titles. Once these drives have been flashed they will not work in your 360 consoles any longer unless flashed back to their original firmware. We sell these drives for $45 each flashed and ready to go! Or if you have an old drive laying around that you want to put to some good use, this is a great option for you. Just swing on by and we will install the firmware for $25. Please keep in mind that you will also need Power Adapter ($20 each) to hookup to the 4 Pin Molex Adapter to hook your 0800 drive to your PC. Also if you need an AC adaptor we carry these as well for $20.

KREON Drives:

With the new XGD3 format release, we have now cut in half the price of our Kreon Flashed DVD Roms to only $30!!! These are still great drives and can backup everything execpt for the new XGD3 discs. Thanks!!