3DS Charger Port Replacement – 3DS Repair Edmonton

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3DS Repair Edmonton

Is your Nintendo 3DS no longer turning on because you can’t get it to charge?  See the damage causing the issue but don’t have the time, equipment or necessary parts.  We can replace 3DS / 3DS XL and other Nintendo DS product charger sockets.  Swing by the shop for a free estimate.  Hours of operation and store locations are located on Contact Us Page.  Our turn around time for the installation is usually 1-2 business days.


Great Feedback from Calgary!

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‘Unable to read disk’ and other related Wii errors are no more.

I was long past Nintendo warranty and looking for a solution other than buying new consoles – I had 2 to contend with. Internet self-help fixes were abundant, but more likely to cause additional damage to the console.

Then I found an inexpensive solution – replace the DVD drive itself. I had the tools to do it properly, now I just needed to source them.

The Amazon/E-Bay process would take too long, and that’s when my search found ModzNRepairs. After contacting them, I submitted payment (PayPal) and received the replacements a few days later.

I now have 2 working Wii consoles again without breaking the bank, and the family can finally get back to enjoying their games.

I would not hesitate to contact ModzNRepairs again in the future.

Having Disc Read Errors? – Console Repair Edmonton

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Console Repair Edmonton

Experiencing the frustrating issue of your Video Game System not reading your Game or Movie discs at all?  Fighting with your  unit by putting the disc in and out again an endless amount of times,  possibly hitting, screaming, rubbing or saying a little prayer every time it is inserted just hoping maybe this will be the time it works : )   Save yourself the headache!  Bring your system into the shop (No Cables Needed) and have a new part installed on the spot within a 20-45 min repair time & backed up with a 6 month warranty :)

Cold Weather!! – Pick up and drop off services still availalbe

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Have a broken console you would like repaired, but don’t like to tough out that cold weather!  Just a friendly reminder that modznrepairs is still offering our pick up and drop off service for Edmonton and surrounding areas for only an additional $15 for each trip!  Call text or email us with your location and to schedule a time and someone will be at your door in no time to get your system up and running again like new :)