Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email or call Jason for any questions not answered here.

My PS3 is not displaying any video on my tv what can I do.
Alot of the times this can be an easy fix. Simply press the power button, you will here a beep as soon as you press it but do not let go keep holding it until you hear a second beep and then let go. Hopefully you will have your video output back. If not your console will need to be sent in for repair.
Do you Mod PS3’s?
Yes we do, have a look at our PS3 Modding Section for info
My PS3 will not eject my disc, what can I try?
Try holding down the eject button, you may get lucky and your disc will come out : )
What is the YLoD?
The YLoD means hardware failure over 95% of the time. It is caused by hairline fractures in the lead free solder that make the electrical connection from the GPU to the motherboard.
Is a Reball a permanent fix?
A Reball repair is the best type of repair method possible for the YLod on the PS3 and the RRoD on the Xbox 360. Done properly a reball console will have anywhere between a 4-6 year life cycle.
Can you downgrade PS3’s back to 3.55 system software?
Yes we can currently downgrade all PS3 Slim consoles except the 3000+ Series
My console does not read any of my discs?
In most cases a console can be repaired through a laser lens replacement. However, certain times other issues
within the drives can cause these errors
Is a JTAG / RGH safe to play on Xbox live?
No, it would be nice but it is not possible and your console will get banned. Other options are available however such as Xlink Kai or Xboxconnnect
Can I play on Xbox Live with a firmware mod?
Yes, we have been doing it for years with our backups disks
Where can I download games?
We do not respond to these types of inquiries so please do not ask
My PS3 or Xbox 360 fan is really loud.
In most cases, this is usually caused by bad heat transfer
Do you guys repair old consoles such as the super Nintendo and Sega Systems?
No, parts are hard to find and in the end it would make it cost ineffective for us to do these types of repairs
My Xbox 360 has no red lights but it freezes, or has a very glitchy video signal, or shows no video at all
These are the same issues that causes the RRoD, however they are not recognized as an error with the 360 console. You console may work intermittently, but will continue to give you these issues until a reball is performed
Do you sell just the parts for repairs?
Yes, feel free to contact us for a free quote
Is the Xbox 360 Dual Nand safe on Xbox Live?
Yes you can safely play online with a Dual Nand Mod
My PS3 has lines going through the screen, or has strange colors that appear from out of no where making gaming near impossible
This is caused by a dying processor. We repair this by removing your old processor and joining a new one to the board with leaded solder.
Do you warranty your repairs and for how long?
Yes all of our reflow repairs carry a 90 days warranty, and reballs 6 months. If your console encounters the same issue within the warranty time frame just let us know and we will cover the repair again at no charge
Can a PS3 play backup discs?
Yes the True Blue supports PS3 games burnt to Bluray Discs on all PS3 models running CFW. The Cobra USB will allow for burnt PS2 disc, but only on backwards compatible PS3 models running 3.55 CFW
I want to play my games off an external hard drive, how is this done?
For the PS3 you will need to be running a 3.55 console with CFW. For the Xbox 360 you will need either a Jtag or the Xbox 360 key installed. The wii will allows this with the Wode Jukebox. DS and 3DS systems can use flash cards such as the Acekard 2i to run DS games only.
Is there a flash card that allows you to play 3DS backups?
No not yet, there has been progress however nothing on the market as of now
Can I load PS Vita games off a memory stick like the PSP?
No, still nothing for the PS Vita in the way of running PS Vita backups
Can all PS3’s play PS2 games?
Only the 20GB, 60GB and 80GB models with 4 usb ports on the front will play PS2 games. Other models do not have support. All ps3 consoles however will play PS1 games.
Can my Xbox 360 Play original Xbox Games?
It will support some games, others will not load. You can easily check online for game support
What are Xbox 360 XGD3 games?
It is the latest version of Xbox 360 game format. It holds an additional 1 gigabyte of security data.
Can the X360Key run emulators such as NES, SNES….etc.
No, the X360key is used to run 360 Backups from either an esata or Usb external hard drives