Great Feedback from Calgary!

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‘Unable to read disk’ and other related Wii errors are no more.

I was long past Nintendo warranty and looking for a solution other than buying new consoles – I had 2 to contend with. Internet self-help fixes were abundant, but more likely to cause additional damage to the console.

Then I found an inexpensive solution – replace the DVD drive itself. I had the tools to do it properly, now I just needed to source them.

The Amazon/E-Bay process would take too long, and that’s when my search found ModzNRepairs. After contacting them, I submitted payment (PayPal) and received the replacements a few days later.

I now have 2 working Wii consoles again without breaking the bank, and the family can finally get back to enjoying their games.

I would not hesitate to contact ModzNRepairs again in the future.

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