Playstation 3

How To Backup PS3 Games

Here is what need:

– A PS3 on 3.55 System software with CFW installed

– Multiman Manager

– An External USB Hard Drive (optional)

How it is done:

1. Simply insert your PS3 Game into your PS3 Console

2. Start up Multiman

3. Select the Game within multiman by pressing the triangle and select Backup/Copy

4. If you are backing up to external hard drive make sure your hard drive is formatted to fat32

5. This program here will give you know problems formatting large hard drive to fat32 format.

6. 4. It will ask you to backup the game to the internal hard drive first (If you want to backup to internal select yes) if not select no and it will ask you to back up the game on the external hard drive, press yes.