iXtreme LT 1.9 Released for Phat Xbox 360 Consoles

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Official release of the iXtreme LT v1.9 for Samsung & LT+ v1.9 for Benq and Lite-On (Phat models)
– CFW’s based on new XGD3 dashboard (2.0.13146.0) updated OFW’s
– supports booting AP25 backups and XGD3 originals.
C4Eva has released the new firmware in conjuction with the new 2011 (13146) Spring Dashboard Update. It is currently only available for the Phat Xbox 360 Consoles. If you updated your 360 to the 13146 dash, the new LT 1.9 update will solve your problems and allow for you to start playing your backups again as normal.As for Xbox 360 Slims owners there is currently still no way to play backups on the 13146 dashboard. There is however a solution currently in the works that will involve a hardware device. With the new security measures implemented by microsoft a simple firmware flash will no longer suffice with the Xbox 360 Slim Consoles.

*taken from Xbox-Scene.com*