New (JTAG) The Reset Glitch is now available + iX treme LT + 3.0 is here!!

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Also X360Key are now in stock!

Happy new year all! We are now offering the below listed services.

  • Modznrepairs is now offering the Reset Glitch for Fat and Slim model Xbox 360 Consoles. For those that always wanted to get the jtag hack but were not able to due your consoles being updated past the exploitable 7371 dash this is your solution!! Please see below for just a few of the features for the reset glitch. Please note that this mod is likely detectable on Xbox Live and is not recommended for online gaming.
  • Install custom dasboards such as Freestyle dash
  • Rip your backups to either an external or internal hard drive
  • Run Emulators
  • Unlock Xbox Live Content
  • iXtreme LT+3.0 is here! Ap2.25 defeated!! This firmware has been released for the Fat model Xbox 360’s that have either Benq or Liteon DVD Drives. Hitachi drives earlier than the 78 versions and Samsung drives will not need this firmware as they do not perform AP2.5 checks. Fat model owners with Hitachi 78 / 79 drives and Slim owners will still have to wait but it will likely not be long as the firmware is currently in progress and should be released very soon. Stay tuned!!
  • X360 Key is now in stock and available for install. We now have the X360 Key in stock. With these units you will be able to play your games from an external USB Hard Drive or eSata without the need for a jtag or reset glitch
  • Please have a look at our Xbox 360 Page for pricing and further information. Thanks again!!