Nintendo Wii

Converting Wii ISO Backup to WBFS Format and Transfer to External USB Hard Drive from PC

Here is what we need:

– A PC with a Wii ISO Backup

– An External USB Hard Drive

WBFS Manager

Here is how you do it:

1. Connect your USB Hard Drive to you PC

2. Start up WBFS Manager

3. In WBFS Manager choose your External Hard Drive Letter at the top left

4. Format your Hard Drive With WBFS by clicking large Format button located on the top

5. Click Load

6. Drag and Drop your Wii ISO Backups from your PC onto the Right Hand Side of WBFS. You can also use the Browse Button to located your ISO.

7. Click Add to Drive Button to copy game over to the WBFS Drive

8. Enjoy!

Wii Version / Chipset Identification

Simply visit WiiDrives and enter in the serial code on your console