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Playstation 3 Mods

Looking to mod your Playstation console well you`ve came to the right place : D

We are able to successfully downgrade your most PS3 Slim Consoles back to the exploitable 3.55 Official Firmware. Once this is done Custom Firmware can then be installed so that you can enjoy things such as:

  • Backup and run your PS3 games straight from an external or the ps3 internal hard drive unit
  •  Run all types of cool and fun homebrew package files
  •  Play all your favorite old school backups such as (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis & More!!)

****Please also note that PS3 Slim model numbers 2501B and lower can be
downgraded, 3001A+ PS3 Systems cannot be downgraded at this time*****

Included with the dowgrade is:
  • Backup of your PS3’s original NOR Memory
  • Backup of your PS3’s 3.55 NOR Memory
  • Custom Firmware Install
  • Multiman backup manager
System Software and Version ID

Here is how to check your system software, and here is a how to check your model number.

If you are in need of a PS3 repair please visit out PS3 Repair Section




PS3 Downgrading Service

Professional downgrade to exploitable 3.55 system software
– Includes CFW Install
– Not compatible with 3001A+ Models

3.55 Custom Firmware

3.55 Custom Firmware

– Works on all Models of PS3 running 3.55 firmware or lower
– Unlocks the ps3 to run Backups, Emulators and all types of Homebrew applications


PS3 Products

PS3 Slim Console with 3.55 Custom Firmware

– Pre Downgraded and at 3.55
– console and wire hookups only (No controller included)
– Sold as is only


Refurbished Backwards Compatible PS3 Consoles

Reballed PS3 Consoles
– Backwards Compatible (Plays all PS1 & PS2 Games)
– Console & Cables only (No controller included) Sold as is only


Non Backwards Compatible PS3 Consoles

Fat Bodies PS3 Console – Reballed
– Console and Cables only (No Controller Included)
– Sold as is only

PS3 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade

PS3 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade

– Works with all PS3 Models
– Brand new Seagate 500GB Hard drive

$100.00 with install
PS3 Wireless Controller

PS3 Wireless Controller

– High Quality PS3 Wireless Controller

$30.00 Each
Replacement Power Cable

Replacement Power Cable

– High Quality Replacement Power Cable

$15.00 Each
Replacement Audio / Video Cable

Replacement Audio / Video Cable

– High Quality Replacement Audio / Video Cable

$10.00 Each