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WHY PS3 YLod Light Errors Happen & Your Options for Repairs

Lead Free solder is susceptible to thermal and mechanical stress. When you use your PS3 console for lengthy periods of time the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) temperatures rise and become very hot. Over time with this heating and cooling process the solder first comes brittle and then either cracks and or completely detaches from the solder pads on the mainboard.
Your options are to either have the Lead Free Solder Balls replaced with new Leaded Solder Balls (Reballed) or fix your existing lead free solder (Reflow). Leaded solder is much more durable and can withstand the high temperatures that the PS3 Consoles produce.



A Reflow repair process involves slowly heating up the solder at predetermined temperatures until the solder becomes into liquefied state. Then these temperatures are slowly decreased these letting the solder harden to once again make a proper connection with the BGA (Ball Grid Array) and healing the hairline cracks or separated solder joints that were once causing your system to give you the red light errors. All reflows are controlled and isolated to the specific area of concern so there is no chance of any damage to the mainboard. During the reflow process specific types of liquid flux are used to significantly strengthen the solder joints so they are not left brittle and susceptible to early failure once again.  Are base price of $65 for a PS3 Reflow comes with a 90 Day warranty.  An exteneded 6 Month warranty can be purchased at the time of repair for an additional $20.



This is a more of an in depth procedure as it involves completely removing the GPU from the mainboard. Once the Processor is removed from the board all of the Lead Free Solder is fully removed and cleaned from both the Processor and the mainboard. New Leaded solder balls are then applied and joined to the processor. The Processor is then realigned and reattached to the mainboard. This process will fix any PS3 Ylod, No Video and Graphic Errors (Artifacting). Are base price of $95 for a PS3 Reball comes with a 6 Month warranty. An exteneded 1 Year warranty can be purchased at the time of the repair for an additional $20



What is a BGA?

BGA stands for (Ball Grid Array). The PS3 Graphics Processors Units Ball Grid Array is composed of 1252 tiny 0.60mm solder balls that make the electrical connection to the motherboard. There are many components that are connected to the motherboard using a BGA. If you would like further information on the BGA you can visit the following website