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PSP Mods

All PSP`s are capable of being modified by way of custom firmware. Even if you are on a higher firmware
we can easily downgrade your psp and get you up and running in no time with a new toy to play around with : )
The list goes on and on with what you can do with a hacked psp.
Have a quick look below to view some great features : D

Having a modded PSP will let you:
  • Play ISO & CSO PSP Games files right from your memory stick (Game will load and play much faster)
  • Customize your boring PSP main menu background art
  • Allow the use of Emulators – Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo, Original GameBoy, Gameboy Advance, and way more!
  • Use your PSP as a universal remote to power up your PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Television and more
  • Use RemoteJoy and display your PSP Screen on your TV or Computer
  • Install Anit-theft PSP monitoring program
  • Easily transfer files between a couple PSPs using adhoc WiFi
  • Connect to Xlink Kai and play games online with people around the world

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PSP Custom Firmware

– PSP Custom Firmware / Downgrade / Unbrick


PSP Products




PSP 16 GB Memory Stick

PSP 16 GB Memory Stick

– High Quality 16 GB Memory Stick
– Works with all PSP Models

$35.00 Each