Xbox 360

Transferring Games over a Network on JTAG

Here is what we need:

– Home Router Wired or Wireless works (Recommend Wired it is much faster)

– RGH’d or JTAG’D Xbox 360 Console

– A Backed Up Xbox 360 ISO Image


Transferring your ISO Image:

1. Hookup your Ethernet Cable into your Console and power on your system

2. Take note of IP Address located at the bottom left corner of your screen. Example 192.168.X.XXX

3. Start ExISO on your computer

4. Choose the FTP tab located at the top

5. Enter your Xbox’s IP address up at the top. Set your port to 21.

Also your login and Password should typed in lowercase as “xbox”

6. Click on the connection button located on the right

7. On the left hand side your will see your available hard drive space. This guide covers the internal hard drive. Same steps are taken if you are using an external USB HD.

8. Now Switch to the “E-xiso” tab

9. Your destination path should be set to “/HDD1/Games 360/”

10. To add just a single ISO select “Add an ISO” to load multiple ISOs choose “Load a folder”

11. Click GO at the bottom and you are done : )