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Xbox 360 8 Mode Rapid Fire

8 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Chip(Stealth)

Rapid Fire 8 Mode Sleeper MOD CHIP!! Works on all XBOX 360 Controllers!

List of modes: (All patches supported to date!)

Modes are indicated by number of flashes on the 3rd or 4th player indicator LED when tapping sync button to change mode.

Mode 1: Super Fast mode (COD 5, World at War – 12 sps) On-Line Killer MODE Patch CompliantMode 2: Fast Compatible MODE (COD4 – 9 sps Rapid fire – fastest It can go after Sept 3rd Patch)Mode 3: MEGA Fast Mode (COD 6, Modern Warfare 2 – Includes other shooting games – 20sps)

Mode 4: COD5 (CG2 Mainboard Special Compatible Mode) 8 sps

Mode 5: INSANE Mode (COD 6, Modern Warfare 2 – Includes other shooting games – 100sps)

Mode 6: Fast Dual Trigger HALO Mode (Both Triggers – 10 sps)

Mode 7: Fast Dual Trigger HALO Mode (Both Triggers – 20 sps)

Mode 8: Fast Dual Trigger HALO Mode (Both Triggers – 30 sps)


Here are some explanations about the software in the chip:
  • When you power on the controller the RapidFire is inactive LED ON, your controller will work as before.
  • By tapping the “Sync” button, you go to the next mode.
  • When you change modes, the LED will blink as many times as the mode in which you are in… example, if you are in 2, the LED flashes 2 times.
  • By pressing the button longer “Sync”, you switch to “Standby”, ie the Rapidfire is disabled (the LED flashes quickly during “Stand-By”) , to get back again on the current mode simply tap “Sync”, the LED flashes to indicate which mode you are in.
Game compatibility: (All versions/all patch updates some examples are listed below, this is only a partial list)∑ Call of Duty – BLACK OPS∑ Halo – REACH

∑ Modern Warfare 2

∑ Call of Duty 4,5,6

∑ Halo 2,3

∑ Left for Dead

∑ NEW – Battle Field! & Red Dead Redemption!

∑ All other first and third person shooter games and others