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Xbox Original

How to Backup an Xbox Game to DVD

Here is what you will need:

- A Modded Xbox Console- A Router setup on a home network

– A Patch Ethernet Cable

– An FTP Client installed on your PC – Link FTP Client

– Burning Software – Use Nero

Here is how it is done:

1. Connect your Modified Xbox with your ethernet cable to your router2. Power up your Xbox and take note of the IP Address – EX.

3. Insert your original Xbox Game you want to Backup, but just leave it on the Dashboard do not run the game.

4. Now we want to connect our Xbox using our FTP Client

5. Login information is as follows:

– Your IP address – type in as we noted on Xbox

– Port – 21

– Login / Password – xbox/xbox (In lower case)

6. Now we will see different partitions of the hard drive C:/D:/E:/X:/Y:/Z:. The partition that we are interested in is [ D:\ ]

7. Open the D: Partition and inside we will have all our game data, we will simply copy this over to our PC

8. Burn the game data to a blank DVD using the Guide below using for NERO:

    1. First Choose CD-ROM (UDF/ISO) and make it look like below
    2. Then choose Force DVD-video *** mode
    3. Then copy over whatever you want to the cd.
    4. I don’t think multisession works with xbox, at least not with my Samsung drive.
    5. And finally choose burn ;)
    Tutorial written by : Filip,